User feedback and constant development are critical for any Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Since launch, the Workaware suite of software has evolved though the direct collaboration with our clients in the office, and in the field to create a unified user experience they need and want to use everyday. Think of it as a crowd funded software platform built on real world policies and processes used by the steel-toed boots on the ground.



Here are some examples of functionality pioneered by our user network;

The Asset module allows users to create a profile for a vehicle, site, or any other piece of equipment. You can then use this profile to assign digital forms, maintenance schedules, personnel, and even check out, or lock out the asset. All status, reporting, and associated documentation are fully viewable on the cloud-based desktop application, or mobile app.

The Journey Management/Lone Worker module allows the user to set up a journey from desktop or mobile app, assign departure and arrival locations, and times, and choose who is to be alerted (individuals or teams) via email or text when a check in has been missed.  The whole reminder/check in communication takes place via text message and is logged in the system in perpetuity.  No more costly call centres!

The location tracking is done via the user’s mobile device, or in cases of no mobility connection, satellite phone or other GPS based tracking devices (Spot, InReach, etc.).  This not only gives you real time information regarding your personnel but ties into the journey management giving you the knowledge of were an over due employee is.  Assets can also be tracked in the same way with all the data again logged by the system in perpetuity.  Where were your personnel and assets last month, last week, last year when an event occurred?  Now you will know!

The Geospatial Module allows for the geolocation of fillable forms and static informative documentation represented by customizable icons on a map.  Shape files and high-resolution raster images can also be loaded to the module defining projects and areas of concern.  The submitted forms can interact with the shape files to visually show progress or any other changes in status.  If project adjustments need to be made “on the fly” in the field the user has the option of creating user drawn shapes and associating documentation to them.  These observations can then be validated as needed and converted to shape files for anyone to access. Clusters of events are visible on-screen, compliance documentation can be put in place to keep all on the same page to conform with any compliance regulations, and the progress of the entire project is instantly visible.

Combine these with the rest of the functionality of Workaware, and you have a comprehensive suite of software tools to manage safety, operations, training, fleet, tracking, and more.

Watch the video to learn more.