Asset Management

WorkAware is beneficial for all business types, especially for construction sites, plants, construction, oil & gas, film & TV, resorts. One of the significant features of a robust safety and protection software is its intelligent asset management system that can help manage these organization’s assets. Therefore, the WorkAware asset management system is a comprehensive safety and protection management solution that helps companies and organizations track and monitor asset conditions and status.

Real Time Updates of Equipment Status Report

WorkAware specializes in industries that have complex and large assets such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, and many more. With WorkAware, you can create accounts for these assets within the system. That way, you can track, monitor, and schedule these assets when needed, even at your desk. Your workers can prepare for their use of the equipment or machines they need for a specific period using the lone worker safety app.

To maintain compliance with safety guidelines, companies need to schedule maintenance of each of their machinery, vehicles, and tools. WorkAware will help you design maintenance schedules, reminders, who, when, and what equipment needs to undergo maintenance on a specific date. The system will notify the maintenance personnel if equipment needs immediate assistance to ensure workers’ safety and protection.

Track Usage, Safety, and Protection

WorkAware safety and protection software will take care of your people and equipment’s safety digitally. After every use, the software will require lockout tagout following an established procedure, ensuring that the energy-isolating device and the equipment being controlled cannot be operated until the lockout device is removed.

When your worker needs to use the equipment, they will utilize the lone worker safety app and press employee check-in upon use and check-out every after use. All these functions and changes are automated and linked to personnel or departments to help facilitators optimize their assets while ensuring security and safety.

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