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Incident Reports and Investigations

Digitize your company safety program processes using our multi-industry safety software. WorkAware facilitates post incident investigations with detailed logs and digital reports.

Operations Management

Streamline and automate your business operations with our smart office forms and workflow processes. Comply with health and safety regulations through automation of blank office forms.

Geographic Information System

Geospatial interface for safety on projects and assets. WorkAware can help locate remote workers in highly secluded areas to safeguard employees' well-being working in the field.

Organize and Streamline Your Work Devices

WorkAware will combine all your safety, personnel, and operations paperwork into a single cloud-based platform, all run by an easy-to-use and accessible mobile app. Say goodbye to confusing paperwork and thick binders.

Safety Program Management Software

Cloud-Based with Agile Usability Software App

WorkAware is a full standalone comprehensive safety program management software for many organizations across industries. We simplify your work processes and implement them seamlessly through our convenient mobile application and cloud-based data management. With WorkAware's software business solutions, you can digitize your industry and create global expansion opportunities.

Record, report, and manage incidents in real-time, ensuring proper safety protocols in the worksite.

Store your documents in system library and enjoy 24/7 access from anywhere using any device

Create Shapefiles, geo-tagged forms, site progress, personnel, and asset tracking reports

Create schedules for the repair and maintenance of company equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

Schedule personnel training, static or digital forms, policy review, and completion metrics.

Easily track employment records, credentials, and personnel training certificates.

Get the Real-Time Data Your Business Needs

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