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Safety and Compliance

Digitize your safety program with our industry agnostic safety software.

Operations Management

Streamline your operations with our smart forms and workflow processes.

Geographic Information System

Provide perspective on your projects and assets with our geospatial interface.

Upgrade From The Shortcut Cluttered Desktop

No more dusty binders or confusing spreadsheets

Workaware will combine all your safety, personnel, and operations paperwork into a single cloud based platform all run by a easy to use mobile app.


Safety Program Management Software
Cloud Based with Full Online & Offline Usability

Workaware is a fully standalone A-Z software platform for any organization. Workaware supports safety & operations management processes in virtually any industry. If you have a process we can implement it seamlessly through our easy to use app. Whether you are upgrading from safety managed on paper documents and spreadsheets, or if you are looking to upgrade or consolidate other software platforms into one, then Workaware is the software for your business.

HSE processes are tracked and auditable

Hazard reporting and follow up

Asset management

Remote worker tracking software

Electronic document library

Track internal and third party training and certifications

Get the Real-Time Data Your Business Needs




Let Us Show You How to Empower Your Business by Transforming Traditional Workflows Into Digitally Enhanced Productivity

Schedule your demo of Workaware and you will see how our software can increase your organization’s productivity while protecting against potential loss. Our team will be in touch directly to schedule a demo.

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