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Guidelines for COVID-19 Compliance in The Field

As the pandemic spread across the continents, no industry is left unscathed. All companies have changed over the past few months regarding how, when, or where they work. Business owners made difficult decisions to weigh their worker's safety with their companies' survival. Companies are carefully following and implementing health and safety protocols to maintain security and protection from the virus.

But the question is: is it enough to ensure for the employer to implement safety protocols for the team members and lone workers to be safe from the virus infection? With WorkAware safety solutions, you can efficiently manage your lone workers, company equipment, and assets while minimizing the virus's risk and keeping people safe and healthy.

It is extremely beneficial for company leaders and the management to know the different COVID safety measures, especially for workers in the field of construction, gas, oil, energy, etc...

Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19

People infected with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) may experience mild to severe respiratory illness. But it can be tricky to accurately diagnose the case of Coronovirus basing on the symptoms alone since the ordinary flu might present similar symptoms. As an employer, it is imperative to know with these symptoms or combinations of symptoms your worker may have COVID-19:

• Fever or chills
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• Muscle or body aches
• Headache
• Sore throat
• Congestion or runny nose
• Diarrhea
• Cough
• Fatigue
• New loss of taste or smell
• Nausea or vomiting

The SARS-CoV-2 may have many different possible symptoms. The list mentioned above does not include all possible signs and symptoms to conclude that your worker has an infection.

However, if a person is displaying these emergency warning signs and symptoms of COVID-19, it is strongly advised that they need urgent medical attention include:

• Trouble breathing
• Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
• New confusion
• Inability to wake or stay awake
• Bluish lips or face

These are possible severe symptoms that a person may experience. You may call your medical provider for a complete list of severe or concerning symptoms and your lone workers safety.

Safe Practices for Both Employer and Team Members

The Coronavirus is a deadly disease but can be avoidable. Whether you are an office worker or workers in the field, doing these practices regularly can help your workplace risk mitigation.

• Social distancing
• Protective equipment
• Temperature checks
• Sanitation
• Use and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas
• Business travel

How Can WorkAware Safety Compliance Solutions Help?

The state-of-the-art WorkAware safety compliance solutions ensure that you optimize your business operations and maintain compliance with the government safety guidelines. These safety guidelines include COVID-19 prevention in the workplace. WorkAware safety and protection software will help you implement social distancing, paperless transactions, quick identification of issues and remedies, and fast delivery of information and resources needed to take action.

WorkAware is a comprehensive safety and protection software that will empower you to:

1. Exposure Detection and Control
2. Respirator Fit Testing
3. Sanitization and Hygiene Processes
4. Employee Absence Management
5. Contractor Management
6. Travel Clearance

Start your free trial today and experience how WorkAware will make a difference in securing your business.

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