Major Features

WorkAware is an agile software platform composed of multiple modules designed to be as visually easy to use as functional.

Interactive User Experience and Interface Design

Designed with the user in mind, WorkAware is navigated and utilized with the least amount of inputs possible, providing a solution that allows prompt completion of daily tasks as easy as possible.

Safety Management System to Secure Remote Workers

It is modularized to provide easy access to the functionality you need.

Supervise remote workers through check-in SMS. Remote workers will receive text message reminders regularly to check their situation that will require their response.

Store, Manage and update static documents across the system and enjoy access from anywhere using any device for easy availability of records

Provide any device tracking and monitoring with a GPS receiver in real-time graphical display on a satellite imagery mapping module

Create accounts for equipment, vehicles, machinery, and any tools. Design maintenance schedules, reminders, Lockout.

Convert paper forms into smart, digitally fillable forms and instantly upload them to the cloud for escalation, reporting, and storage

Track credentials, training, and more with a customizable company hierarchy to create seamless instant communication of internal processes

Capture communications through 2-way radio for service and maintenance across sites, or quickly track incident reporting and emergency response.

Create scheduled tasks for individuals or teams linked to training, static or digital forms, policy review, and capture metrics of completion.

Using satellite map overlay, create shapefiles, geo-tagged forms, site progress reports, personnel/asset tracking with fully configurable automation

Automate Internal & External Communication

WorkAware is a digital safety and compliance management program with a streamlined, easy-to-use experience. Remote workers can access and fill in digitized forms, documents and send them when the system connects to the internet.

WorkAware occupational safety software enables team members in the field, behind a desk, to comply with digitized documents and syncs them with our cross-platform software and secure cloud. WorkAware will make your business paperless through automation, increase profitability, digitize workflows, and mitigate liability.

"If we can save each employee one hour per month, the software pays for itself multiple times over."

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