Safety Professional?

You can use the WorkAware platform to drive your business offering and generate added revenue.

Take advantage of WorkAware’s comprehensive suite of functionality as part of a broader scope of services you offer to your clients. Use it to administrate documentation, training records, audits, competency and more.

Know a company that could benefit from a software solution? Leverage the WorkAware platform as an additional sales vertical for your business, and generate a new stream of revenue in the process in the form of commission on monthly user fees.

Are you an Environment, Health, and Safety Consultant?

WorkAware environment, health, and safety compliance software can help you advance your business services and generate additional revenues. Your role as a safety professional needs an intuitive platform to boost your value proposition. Take advantage of WorkAware’s comprehensive benefits to help you deliver a more accurate assessment.

Offer to Your Clients

Offer your clients more services in administering company documentation, inspection, and audits, training and competency records, monitoring lone workers in unsafe environments, safety monitoring, and many more.

Sell It

Increase your income revenue streams by leveraging the WorkAware lone worker safety app to companies that could benefit from its software features and functions. We provide commission on monthly user fees.

Sales and Tech Support for Potential Clients

Do you have an interested client in mind? WorkAware’s sales and tech support team will help you in marketing and coordinating quality web based, or actual presentations to your client. Our technical support team directly receives and troubleshoots client inquiries on technical aspects of the system.

Customize WorkAware Features

Call us today and schedule for a live product demo or avail the 30-day free trial. Our development team will deliver customized features and quote at your client’s request, company form creation, unique live reporting systems, and many more features within the budget and scope.

WorkAware Comprehensive Software Solutions Will Take Care of Your Client’s EHS Program

Take Care of Clients HSE Program with a Comprehensive Software Platform.

Get in touch with us, and we will deliver a personalized demonstration of our software features including; People and Asset Management, Digital Forms, Tracking, Journey Management, Geospatial Mapping System, and more, with the option of multiple test user accounts in our live demo environment. A member of our team will contact you shortly.