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Safety and Compliance

Ensure that safety and compliance processes are being followed.

Empower Staff

Empower your staff to manage safety remotely, offline and with a mobile app.

Real-time Reliable Data

Mitigate risk in the workplace and improve performance by leveraging real time data.

Safety Management Software
Streamline operations in real-time.

Workaware to supports safety management processes in virtually any industry, it you have a process we can implement it seamlessly through our easy to use app. Whether you are upgrading from safety managed on paper documents, or if you are looking to maintain compliance or become compliant, then Workaware is the software for your business.

Take Care of Your People, Assets, and HSE Program with a Comprehensive Software Platform.

Get in touch with us, and we will deliver a personalized demonstration of our software features including; People and Asset Management, Digital Forms, Tracking, Journey Management, Geospatial Mapping System, and more, with the option of multiple test user accounts in our live demo environment. A member of our team will contact you shortly.

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