Document Library

WorkAware is an agile software made up of multiple modules designed to be functional and visually comfortable. Most companies work with datasets, images, and numerous documents for each task. Because of this, developers built WorkAware with a document library to store documents across the system. These stored documents are accessible to all, including the remote employees.

WorkAware Ensures Data Accessibility

Keeping data and documents that come in paper forms often brings problems in the long run. These complications can be due to a tampered or altered composition, lost datasheets from gathered information, or it may also bring confusion when making a final output.

WorkAware’s centralized document library keeps all essential data and offers seamless access to these documents for workers even in multiple locations. An employee working remotely can access these files from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

WorkAware Document Library Data Storing

Adding and storing documents in WorkAware is as easy as dragging and dropping selected files from your desktop into the application.

Others can also store essential files from the document library to their device with just one click. Moreover, the WorkAware data library gives access to documents, even without a network signal or connection.

Document Library Access Levels for Data Security

We designed the document library to have different access levels for each company division and management level. Although all users can access the document library, administrators can restrict and set which documents and folders their employees can access.

Through WorkAware Document Library, we give you convenience while still ensuring safety and data security.

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