Forms Automation

Digitally generated office forms are useful in preventing company liabilities, fraudulent document submissions, and unfounded lawsuits.

WorkAware health and safety compliance software systems allow workers to access incident report forms from mobile devices or company-issued devices. Using these devices, users can take and send photos and video to document incidents in real-time, giving you the actual events occurring, leading to the experience rather than relying on verbal accounts. It can trigger automated alerts, allowing faster response times. Video recordings can also support your position should a dispute arise concerning occupational safety compliance issues due to the incident.

Mobile Form Automation

WorkAware occupational safety management software is customizable depending on your company's needs. WorkAware form automation feature can digitize any existing office forms, including:

• Data Fields
• Photos
• Photo Annotation
• GPS Location
• Signatures
• Personnel Credentials
• Certification Documents
• Permits and Licenses
• Skills and Training Records
• Equipment and Machinery Documents
• Many more

Upon form submission, document deficiencies can trigger automatic notifications to designated admins. The management will determine if their employees need to upgrade their credentials or attend training to upgrade their certificates. Furthermore, the WorkAware system dashboard will summarize lacking credentials that need compliance to know when to take up certain training and comply with the requirements.

Access to Digital Forms

Access to digitally generated office forms is useful for organizations that require current visibility relating to field activities. Business leaders can make the right decisions using the insights from the reports and data received from field workers.

Digitization of paper forms into electronic forms can streamline accurate data collection and reporting. It can also help organizations identify key performance indicators necessary for improving field activities. With WorkAware safety management software, you can monitor the status of company assets throughout the organization. The system's easy user interface and design are necessary for the safety, compliance, and risk personnel.

Current Compliance Check

Digital office forms provide the simplest and quickest way to ensure compliance records are complete and available when needed in an instant. WorkAware form automation feature secures pertinent company documents, can integrate with existing systems and offers standby technical support.

Online and Offline Functionality

WorkAware occupational safety management software allows remote workers to access information from their mobile devices even without an internet connection in the area. It paves the way to get the safety inspection or compliance audit done. Inspection forms are automatically uploaded into the system once the device connects to the Internet.

Organizations can also update new digital office forms to provide their employees with the most recent document version. Employees can access the mobile app through their devices at any time, whether the online or offline operation. You can take advantage of the following benefits of WorkAware's office digitization:

• Identification of lacking safety compliance certifications and training
• Notification trigger when credentials and licenses are lacking or about to expire
• Current data collection and status updates
• Elimination of paperwork simplifying reports transcription and efficiency
• Acquire leading/lagging safety, time, and quality indicators

WorkAware safety management softaware system increases mobile productivity, collect real-time data, updates current status in the field, drive consistency, and simplify regulatory and company compliance to worksite safety and health standards.

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