WorkAware Geographic Information System

WorkAware is a safety management software solution with a Geospatial software feature designed from the ground up with satellite mapping data. It increases liability protection and insight into your business workflow by automatically geospatial tagging every form for entry and asset.

Geotagging Digital Forms

People can easily manipulate data in paper forms, and thus, it decreases credibility and accuracy. With WorkAware, we build digital formats from the ground up with location and liability to the most significant considerations. As soon as employees complete and send the required digital document through the WorkAware safety management software app, the system automatically pulls their location and automate filling out other details of the digitized form.

Whether or not the current user needs location data, WorkAware will stamp the form with the user’s location. This feature helps in protecting your organization or company from fraudulent form completions.

Marking Vital Locations

WorkAware geospatial module can accommodate all of your important data, documents, and work sites. Placing essential reference points on your map with detailed coordinates is possible through state-of-the-art satellite mapping technology.

Moreover, you can directly place land titles, project agreements, and other project-related documents on the areas they apply to, so you can visualize your data in a new, different way.

Overlaying Custom Map Filters

If you aim to add land divisions, project boundaries, or custom geographic data to your map, WorkAware can help you. It can overlay your existing map filters so you can have additional information layers concurrently with your data. Filters can significantly help to track project advancement when managing large projects. There are endless opportunities for your workflow geospatial visualization, and WorkAware can help you explore and discover them.

Geospatial Analysis of Your Data and Incidents

WorkAware can also help you identify and eliminate invaluable insights through map incident visualization and quickly locating unspecified, dubious areas, and recurring issues. Through this feature, WorkAware can help you save money and protect you from liability.

Tracking Asset and Worker Location

WorkAware also provides appropriate and efficient sets of equipment to monitor asset and worker locations. Tracking a lone worker and the vehicle or machinery used is possible through utilizing geospatial data from submitted forms and live site areas provided by mobile devices through the WorkAware compliance management app.

After a user logs in to the WorkAware mobile app, it will automatically send their location back to the headquarters. In the event of an incident, the company can quickly determine its worker’s last known location.

Developers designed WorkAware to work with a variety of third-party software and hardware providers. Because of this, you can track your assets through the input of asset maintenance forms or third party GPS tracking.

Lone Worker Tracking

Developers also innovated WorkAware to monitor and track remote workers. When you use WorkAware, you will no longer need a separate lone worker tracking system. Its check-in mechanism uses SMS text messaging to make it more convenient and easy to monitor their status in the field. It can also project a user’s travel path so that when the user does not check-in, the software will suggest their most probable area.

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