Incident Reports

Manage your incident reporting hassle-free and provide a reliable platform for your lone workers. WorkAware Incident Reporting features will allow you to track, capture, investigate, and report all incidents, accidents, and near-misses. These may include lone worker's injuries and illnesses, spills, property damage, and vehicle incidents.

Maintain Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulations

WorkAware safety and protection management software will help you maintain compliance with the OSHA, RIDDOR, and WCB. You can also monitor all of your occupational health and safety program aspects without the burden of over-complication.

Digitized OSHA Reporting

WorkAware blank forms features allow you to record, track, and quickly provide OSHA-ready incident reports for your lone workers' work-related illness and injuries. Once they complete the form using their lone worker safety app, you can print or digitally submit your OSHA incident reporting forms straight to OSHA. This way, you will save a massive amount of time for producing these essential reports.

Reporting Injury/Illness

The incident reporting feature of WorkAware is specially designed to help businesses collect data and document the complete details of occurred incidents, mostly the emergency incidents, in one platform. After that, you can track if the form is not yet completed and will allow you to send notifications to your lone workers that they need to complete it.

Reporting Near-Miss Incidents

Working in a field has a big chance to occur an incident mostly for your lone workers. It is because working alone means that you can't see possible accidents that may happen behind you.

For times like these, WorkAware incidents reporting can be beneficial. Even the incident did not result in damage or injury. It is always good to record its details as they have the potential to cause damage to your lone workers in the future. Doing so can help you and your employee working remotely recognize and report near-miss incidents and improve lone worker safety and heighten your organization's safety practice.

Motor Vehicles Incident Reporting

This incident is common for workers in the field. WorkAware will allow you to gather all vehicle incidents-related information such as vehicle information, involved people, location, and witness information. WorkAware incident reports feature will easily capture the photos you need to start the investigation.

Assets and Property Damage Reporting

When your lone worker damages an asset or property, take immediate action to collect and store the information you will need in the WorkAware platform investigation. The incident reporting feature will make it easy for you to assess causes and effects, track corrective actions, and examine the incidents' likelihood over time. Store all related records linked with each asset.

Spills and Releases Incident Reporting

WorkAware lone worker safety app will allow your employee working remotely to immediately report environmental consequences such as discharges, spills, releases, and damage to the environment. WorkAware incident reports features will help you track and monitor the incidents continuously, enabling you to decide when to allow your employee working remotely to leave the location. The incident reports will also determine if your organization meets all safety obligations and requirements and maintains compliance.

WorkAware All-in-One Safety and Protection Management Software

The safety of your people is the utmost priority of your organization. We at WorkAware will help you achieve your goal to protect them and your assets efficiently. Our safety and protection management software will empower you to:

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Our software is user-friendly, cost-effective, and flexible that will perfectly fulfill any business needs.

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