Journey Management

Life is full of uncertainties. As your workers log in for duty and perform their daily tasks, it is under your responsibilities as their employer to monitor everything they do and what happens to them. WorkAware journey management software will help you protect your most important asset - your people - in one intuitive system.

Keep Your Remote Workers Safe While Traveling

While your lone workers are traveling, they might encounter several accidents or hazards along the way. As driving links to many accidents, it makes one of the riskiest activities your remote workers will handle. We at WorkAware aim to provide a comprehensive system that includes a journey management feature that will help your organization:

• Eliminate or minimize exposure to travel hazards
• Manage the associated risks
• Reduce the likelihood of any of your lone workers from injury in a work-related crash

Automated and Real-time Monitoring

WorkAware journey management system simplifies your company's travel safety management through automation and features that will ensure your workers' safety and protection in the field.

User and Mobile Device-Friendly

WorkAware is user-friendly software and operable on any mobile device. The mobile safety app allows you to keep your remote workers' supervision with simple steps. Just input on a character when you check-in on any phone with SMS capability, tracking your workers in the field positions in real-time.

Maintain Compliance with HSE Policy

WorkAware journey management software would notify you if your remote workers arrived safely at the work location. This way, you and your company's journey managers will have peace of mind by ensuring their traveling workers' safety and complying with HSE policy.

Comprehensive Journey Management Software

We offer companies and industries a smart platform to manage their assets, daily processes, and safety compliance. WorkAware journey management features will also allow you to scan your lone workers' past journeys and scenarios to use in an incident investigation. Get in touch with your lone workers within the system. The software will also keep a record of all your conversations for future use. Lastly, you can initiate and customize journeys on WorkAware mobile or desktop applications.

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