Location Tracking

WorkAware offers a lone worker safety app with an accurate location tracking feature. Deploy your team members and make sure they are safe and efficient even without direct supervision from you.

Monitor Remotely

With WorkAware location tracking, you can remotely monitor and keep up with your workers' activities when you deploy them in the field. Through it, you can make sure that your remote workers are safe and efficient in their tasks. This feature helps get things done on time with less hassle in monitoring.

Review the Worker's Location History

WorkAware helps you locate your workers' previous locations. Its ability to record and store location history enables you to determine work progress and work competency among team members.

Manage Lone Worker Journeys

Lone worker safety app allows you to scan through past journeys whenever necessary. Additionally, users can attach essential documents and information in previous locations or map points to help you accurately generate a report. When you communicate with your team members through the app, it also saves conversations for future uses.

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