Safety and Compliance

WorkAware safety compliance management software upholds the work standards stipulated in OSHA to protect the field and remote workers from unfavorable incidents and the company from fraudulent transactions and liabilities.

Securing Safety Compliance Management

Safety and compliance management is the responsibility of the senior management team to make workplace safety a priority. It is one of the critical factors in business development. Without safe and healthy team members, it is challenging to move forward.WorkAware occupational safety management software system helps organizations uphold and practice safety standards in very high-risk work environments.

Improving Health and Safety Compliance

Work safety and compliance do not happen overnight. It needs to be thought through among company leaders to develop the best possible resolution in protecting both the company and team members. Here are ways to improve health and safety compliance in the workplace.

Conduct Effective Training

Your team members will comply with the safety rules if they know them. WorkAware safety compliance management system will allow admins to schedule training and seminars for their teams. Effective training programs help your company adhere to the OSHA standards of occupational safety. With the right training, you enlighten your team members about the risks surrounding their jobs’ nature. They should have the chance to practice hands-on simulations.

Additionally, senior management must conduct an employee audit to observe and evaluate team members at work. There should be a clear communication line, and if needed, a refresher course must be accessible to help your companies achieve worker enhancement.

Create and Enforce Policies

Company policies provide structure and organization among team members. It is crucial for the company managers to create, relay, and enforce work policies from the senior management down to the field agents.

WorkAware safety compliance management software can digitized forms and documents. It allows users to have access to Company Policies through the WorkAware mobile app. A clear stipulation of such policies instills discipline among team members when working remotely and in the office.

Provide Expectations

Team members must understand their roles in the workplace and follow a disciplinary protocol to keep workers accountable for their actions. Senior management should monitor on-site worker behavior. Notify workers of offenses and infractions.

WorkAware occupational safety management system allows users to access the company’s code of conduct and ethics. It has a Document Library that stores all kinds of office documents and blank forms that are easily accessible to authorized users.

Ensure Clear Communication

Promote a safe way for team members to exchange ideas, opinions, questions, and even curiosity. WorkAware safety management system is both discipline-driven and open-line communication system to help bridge the gap between workers, supervisors, and employers.

Engage in Regular Health and Safety Compliance Audits

Regular annual health and safety compliance audit, together with a legal compliance checklist, are critical for businesses with a high-risk job description. These two vital monitoring processes will help your company maintain compliance with health and safety regulations. Checklists ensure proper adherence and precautions to prevent liabilities and lawsuits in case of unexpected events.

WorkAware safety management software safely secures documents that support you and proves that safety practices are in place at all times. It ensures your company is complying with OSHA workplace standards. If your business values objective opinion and assessment, it will help you become more productive in your day to day operations guided by the audit’s recommendations.

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