Training Matrix

WorkAware is an independent, standalone, and complete software platform suitable for any organization. It supports safety and operations management processes in all types of industries.

WorkAware Training Matrix

WorkAware can track internal and third party training and certifications. As you streamline your operations and business workflow, you also get to monitor and take control of ongoing pieces of training in your company with less direct supervision. Training and informing job functions are essential in every company. Today, on the edge of technological advancement, the WorkAware occupational safety system can help you do them right at your desk in just a few minutes with just mouse-clicks.

What WorkAware Training Matrix Does

WorkAware safety management solutions aim to support gap analysis between required and actual knowledge levels. The training matrix will help you identify your team members’ skill levels and weaknesses. Through it, you can develop an action plan to achieve the whole team’s ideal skill level.

The WorkAware training matrix also helps you track competency levels through our software to ensure that all employees are ready when you deploy them. Create a systematic and reliable training plan through the WorkAware training matrix!

WorkAware training matrix helps you create an efficient individual or team training schedule. Additionally, it stores and compiles static and digital forms, conducts thorough policy review, and uses accurate completion metrics.

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