User Management

WorkAware is a cloud-based safety management solution designed to help businesses across various industry verticals manage safety and compliance for improving risk mitigation.

It lets users streamline workflows using digital forms and a centralized document library that stores information, accessed via tablets, mobile phones through mobile safety app, or computers across multiple locations.

What Can Users Do in WorkAware

WorkAware allows designated Admins to configure a user's access level infinitely based on their role within the company. After that, they can narrow it down even further based on the team/department they reside within the company hierarchy or even based on their training and what forms & assignments they can access. Also, admins, also known as Super Admins, have access to these functions:

• Create personnel and asset profiles
• Track worker's credentials
• Inspects remotely
• Track incidents
• Schedule maintenance
• Provide Safety Training
• Customize company hierarchy
• Track certification expiry dates

WorkAware safety and protection management solution will help you do all these at your desk using dynamic digital forms or static documentation. While simultaneously tracking their locations in real-time from any device using a comprehensive mapping and tracking system.

Not all that. WorkAware can do whatever you say that will fulfill your company's safety and protection needs.

Start Your Risk Mitigation Now with WorkAware

WorkAware safety and protection management solution will help you become fully functional, remotely, and always ready to respond with your workers whenever emergency incidents occur, even in multiple locations.

Now is the time to think about measures to increase efficiency and save on costs. That is what we do. If we can keep one of your minimum wage employees one hour per month using WorkAware, you are already making your ROI. That is not including time savings on admin costs, data entry, paper inaccuracies, etc.

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